“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life” -Picasso

To take someone on a journey, transport them to a moment in time, and stir a memory of a favorite place or thing is what drives me as an artist.

In my quest to produce quality fine artwork, I have come across a new medium in which to express myself; copper is that new medium.  With hand tools, buffing techniques, stains, patinas, flame painting and oils and acrylics, my work has evolved to a new level.

Copper provides a platform for many different applications.  With appropriate preparations, I can paint directly on a copper sheet just as I would a canvas.  Texture and sculpting techniques can give a raw piece of copper a unique look and feel.  The addition of patinas unearth the beautiful colorations often seen when copper has been exposed to the elements for years.  Painting with heat brings forth an exquisite spectrum of color that makes copper such a unique precious metal to work with. Every creation is sealed with a uv protected non- toxic clear coat to maintain the original intent of the piece and prevent further unintended oxidation.

Every piece is hand crafted and can be recreated to a point, and employs one or all of the techniques described above.  However, each work is unique and original in its own right.

When you acquire a work of art from Copper Phoenix Studio, I believe it will be a wonderful addition to your home or office space.  And as Picasso says…. “will wash from the soul, the dust of everyday life!”

Scott Palmer


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