Copper Phoenix Studio emerges on the art scene with a unique combination of solid copper, impressionistic painting style, natural patinas and flame painting to form hand – crafted one of a kind works of art.  As a rebirth of sorts, Artist Scott Palmer brings his extensive experience in painting to the world of precious metals, With Copper as his canvas; Palmer reignites his passion for impressionistic works of art.  “Copper can simply be the background that provides luminescence to a painting or it can play a major role in the actual work.”

Some of his pieces are raw copper with texture and shapes to form wonderful abstract pieces and some are painted or have natural patina, some are flame painted and some contain all of the above.  To keep the copper from oxidation each piece is finished with a clear coat. Each unique piece is created to hang on the walls of your home or office, to provide joy and satisfaction for years to come.


Show dates

June 7-8
Art festival
Prescott, Az

June 21-22
La Jolla Festival of the Arts

July 4-6
Prescott, Az

Aug 16-17
Artwalk at NTC
San Diego

Aug 24
Leucadia artwalk
San Diego

Aug 30-Sept 1
Labor Day festival
Prescott, Az

On The Edge Gallery
Environmental Realist in Tlaquepaque Arts Village, Sedona